Our Night with a Transgender Woman in Amsterdam

Amsterdam. Depending on your own personal experiences of this beautiful city, its name will bring a few things to mind; its artistic heritage, elaborate and beautiful canals, tall narrow houses with their famous gabled facades, the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, coffee shops with their ‘added ingredient’ and….no doubt you’ll also think of the red light district.

The Red Light District of Amsterdam is well-stocked with sex shops, peep shows, brothels, an elaborate condom shop, a sex museum and prostitutes in red-lit windows. It’s as famous for being the number one choice for stag weekends as much as the rest of the city is for romantic couples.

But what if you combine the two, and what if when you combine them you do it with an open minded, happy and romantic couple that are determined to push the boundaries of their sex life?That is exactly what Sparkle and I did last year – let me share the story…and all the details.

The first hour or so of wondering around and looking through the windows at the women that sit under their red light is still slightly awkward. It feels difficult to be staring at the women as they sit in their lingerie watching passersby; after all us British are taught that its rude to stare! But that soon fades as you realise that they actually want you to look at them – and everyone else is anyway! To be honest, it was the shy punters who provided the best entertainment there as they went to and fro, egging each other on and building up courage to make the first move!

We made our way, casually looking through windows, commenting on the women that looked back at us; “she’s pretty”, “she’s gorgeous”, “she’s not my type – ooh look she’s your type!” After a while it becomes normal – and interspersed with a bar or two, one starts to feel a little braver, a little sexier – and a whole lot more Brazen!

I am lucky enough to have a friend who was both gorgeous AND adventurous, with a great understanding of what she wanted – and a similarly great excitement for what I wanted!  If only everyone could be so lucky eh?

We wandered into the streets that were slightly off the beaten track and found that the ladies were less youthful but MUCH more interesting – and that while the cost stayed the same, the time allowed got longer. Asking the price was a lot of fun – all the more so to be asking as a couple!

We walked by one window a couple of times that evening. Looking out at us was a statuesque figured woman with tumbling dark hair, olive skin and a winning smile. By this point we had decided that we were going to stop and choose someone – and both of us knew that she was ‘the one’. We walked up to the door and she opened it. She smiled – and so did we. Her room was clean, tidy and inviting and as she opened the door, a soft smell of soap and perfume wafted into the night air.

We agreed a price for the three of us to play – and then with an even bigger smile ‘‘she’ declared that she was in fact a ‘he’. Its hard to picture now what our first reaction was. Neither of us have ever been scared of being honest with each other – and after what may have been as long as a 5 second pause, we decided that this was something we’d like to try. Before we did, she checked whether we were both going to play, or just one of us. We confirmed it was both. We went in and she closed the curtain between us and the people on the streets.

The room was small, with a double bed sized platform, a basin, two mirrored walls and low lighting. It was clean as far as we could see and she was very welcoming and spoke perfect English. We both, upon instruction, took off our clothes and she beckoned us on to the bed.

She also removed her clothes and we saw a beautiful pair of boobs, and a big hard cock. What a perfect combination. Our smiles widened and we couldn’t believe our luck. As both of us are happy with our bisexuality, it wasn’t hard to see that this was a match made in heaven!

She laid Sparkle on the bed and sucked and kissed her nipples whilst I laid beside her. Then he turned to me and put me in his hand, as he did, he pulled me to the edge of the bed and offered me his cock as he stood in front of me. He already had a condom on and I sucked him and reached up to play with his boobs. Sparkle watched and played with herself. It was at this point that Sparkle – overcome with excitement, asked to be be fucked – and she obliged. Wow – what a thing to watch.

Now – the next bit was certainly a first for me! If you’ve never had a prostate massage by an expert, I can tell you that it really IS all it’s cracked up to be. It’s also a pretty good way of enjoying a threesome, where everyone gets to play with all the toys! The experience is one of tiny little cums over and over again until I could take no more.

Half an hour later, with smiles all round, we staggered away to recover in a bar. We probably sat in a slightly dazed silence for a while – although I do remember that we also had several Jägermeister too! A little later we visited one of the ‘live sex shows’ on the tourist route out of curiosity – what a laugh! It was worth the giggle but not a patch on what we’d just enjoyed.

The experience was really one-of-a-kind. We’ve played it back in our minds so many times together since – and I can assure you that neither one of us has regrets!

If you’re visiting Amsterdam, then you might also want to experiment by visiting the girls – or the boys. So here are a few tips that we have picked up along the way.


  1. Expect a late night. The main action in the RLD takes place around 11pm. At this point the streets are full of happy crowds and the neon lights really give the place some added atmosphere.
  2. Red lights are usually (but not always as was in our case) an indicator of a woman. Blue lights or a blue tinged room behind the red light are a sign of a transsexual and transvestite – hence the name “Blue Light Special”
  3. Expect to pay around €50 for about 20 minutes of time with a prostitute. If you extend past the time limit, you would be asked to pay extra before continuing. Also – ask ‘What will you do for €50?’ If you don’t ask this, you’re building yourself up for trouble. In your head, that price probably accounts for a minute or two of fellatio, followed by penetrative sex. In her head, it probably means a minute or two of fellatio, then an opportunity to charge another €50 for penetrative sex.
  4. Don’t dawdle! You are paying for 20 minutes, including however long it takes to get dressed and undressed!
  5. There are windows in the streets where you might not expect them, so wander around further than the main few.
  6. Do not take photos of the prostitutes or the windows. This is strictly banned. Big bouncers might appear out of nowhere and smash your camera if you do.
  7. The indoor action is licensed and regulated. There are rule even if they may not be obvious. The girls are professional – follow their instructions. If you don’t you will be kicked out. Everything is ‘safe’ – don’t ask to do anything otherwise. Even down to your female friend who will be expected to wear a female condom for any oral sex.
  8. Whilst the indoor action is safe and controlled, the tourists and their distraction are a magnet for street crime. So watch out for your pockets and bags and don’t have anything to do with anyone who approaches you in the street. If you walk through with your family, hen you won’t be hassled at all. Walk back on your own and the situation changes with a ‘come hither’ from every direction.
  9. Everybody wants to see a sex show at least once. But you’ll probably find it a little disappointing – and with very expensive drinks. They last 30-60 minutes for at least 25 Euros in the area, but if you don’t want to watch something that long or pay that much, you can watch a Sex Peep Show instead. Where you will be able to watch guy on girl, girl on girl, or solo girl performing sexual activities from a private booth for two minutes. It’s pretty much pay-per-view kind of thing but instead its a view of live sex for two whole minutes! It’s worth doing once.
  10. The little sex museums can be quite amusing – one of the best amusements can be sitting in a bar overlooking a red light street and watching the wannabe punters shuttle to and fro! The drinks in the bars are no more expensive than any other bar in a European city – and the entertainment value makes it worth it! But remember that most of the girls will not go with anyone that it deemed too drunk.
  11. Do not buy anything from dealers on the streets. It doesn’t matter if it’s going to be just a bike or some drugs, just don’t. Otherwise, you will find yourself on the other side of the law!


Finally; let’s tackle one issue that’s bound to come up in the comments. Prostitution has enjoyed a long tradition of tolerance in Amsterdam and safety is key to its popularity and its success. Prostitution is legal and the women are registered having their own ‘business’. So the Dutch prostitutes pay taxes. Dutch prostitutes have united to protect the rights of the working women. PROUD is the Dutch association by and for sex workers.

They have plenty of police protection, an information centre (for visitors as well), frequent monitoring and testing and professional standards. But of course, as with all other cities, there is a different reality that sometimes consist of sex trafficking and forced prostitution. This is something that the city and the justice department are fighting against; the Amsterdam council have also closed over 200 windows (of a total of 400+) in recent years. Famous red light district locations that had been there for many years were also forced to shut, as the Amsterdam government decided not to renew their licenses.