You say LubriCANT I say LubriCAN! A guide to using and buying Lube!

Sex is awesome, we can all agree on that, but when there’s friction in your relationship sex isn’t always great especially when that friction’s during sex! You can help make things go a little more, uh, smoothly though…

A bit of a generalisation but I’m sure you’ve heard of lube. You’ll see that word quite a bit in this article for two reasons. One, this article is all about the different types of lube and their uses, and second the Chief Editor of Brazen hates the word. So I’ll be using the word, LUBE, as much as possible in this article.

Why So Sticky?

If you’ve used lube before you might have found that your hands, amongst other areas, get a tad sticky once the initial effect has worn off. This is because some lubes have a glycerin base. These tend to dry out quickly and become, as we’ve said, sticky.

To avoid getting into a sticky situation you can use a water based lubricant. These are normally smoother and the desired effect lasts longer than the glycerin based. This one from Lelo is the super posh version….and looks it!

So stick to water and you won’t get stuck!

Add Some Flavour to Sex

I have tried many, many flavoured lubes and to this day I haven’t found one that actually tastes good. However, each to their own!

Flavoured lubes are great for playing during sex. Most unflavoured lubes don’t have flavouring but don’t taste good either. Meaning your partner is much less likely to go down once you’ve applied some of the defrictioniser (my new word for lube).

Flavours vary from vanilla, chocolate, mint and of course strawberry. Although they, in my opinion, don’t taste great they taste better than unflavoured meaning you’ll be able to have more fun in bed after lubing up!

Bring (a little) More Heat to the Bedroom

So now we’ve covered acting like Teflon and keeping non-stick and even adding some flavour to your sex life, it’s time to talk heat, cold, tingles, and desensitising.

These lubes are designed to bring an extra element to sex. Depending on the lube you buy depends on how much of an effect you’ll feel, that said it’ll never be too hot or too cold. It really is just a bit of an added sensation.

The hot and cold are rather self explanatory. If you buy the hot one it heats things up, the cold one cools things down. I personally prefer the cooling lubes to the warming, after all sex is quite a warm sport to begin with.

Now, fellas, if you’re the kinda guy who gets a tad over excited and finishes a bit too soon you might be interested to know that there’s a special kind of line designed to give your partner a better chance of reaching their orgasm. These are desensitising lubes. They won’t stop you from getting an erection and you will still be able to have an orgasm, they’ll also help you, let’s say, control yourself until your partners had their fun too.

Anal Lubes

You’ll certainly see some lubes marketed as anal lubes but in reality you can use most regular lube for anal sex. If you’re new to anal it’s best to apply lube to the penis or toy and the anus too then take things slow. There’s nothing worse than lubeless anal sex so don’t go there!

Desensitising lubes are also useful for people of all sexes when used for anal sex. Not everyone has a pleasant experience with anal, it can be quite painful but these special lubes can help to take the edge off and make it an all around more pleasurable experience for all involved.

Top Tip

Keep your lube far, far away from your Deep Heat. That’s a mistake you’ll only ever make once!