Rural Swinging – Devon’s Best Secret

Swinging in Devon. Well, in many ways, Secrets is like arriving at a friend’s house (dressed in a slutty outfit and heels that could topple you onto the gravel at any moment). Situated in one of the most beautiful parts of South Devon’s countryside, it’s actually not that easy to find – but that’s a good thing! The club itself is an unassuming modern farmhouse. Once a month it is frequented by hundreds of people with at least one thing in common; sex.

Secrets for Sharing, better known as just ‘Secrets’, is incredibly welcoming. Small summer houses in the grounds are lit by fairy lights and the sounds of music and laughter drift across the car park as you are shown where to go by an attendant.

I have to admit that our first visit was one of the first times we had ever been swinging in this country. We’d always been a little concerned that we’d bump into someone we knew or about what the ‘scene’ here would actually consist of. We were wrong on both counts.

Needless to say, we arrived with our tummies full of nerves. We had read on the website that we could stay overnight if we chose to – and had opted for that. So packed into the car was our ‘vanilla world’ pjs, duvet and pillows. Also packed into the car were a couple of bottles of wine. We were both so nervous, we felt it would be the only way to relax us enough to get through the door! With hindsight of course, we needn’t have worried.

We sat, huddled in the car, lights off, watching; what were people wearing, what did they look like (two heads, extra know the thing!) and was there anyone we knew! We finally plucked up the courage to go inside.

It really was like entering somebody’s house. We were greeted at the door by Chris and Theresa as if we were old friends. We handed over £50 (£25 per head) and went straight into the kitchen to be greeted by happy, smiling, laughing people of all ages, all sizes and all ethnicities gathered drinking a glass of wine and feasting on the buffet of food.

Dress was smart casual for the boys and the girls wore very sexy clothes – but not at this stage lingerie or fetish dress. There were people dressed as if they were going to a local restaurant as well as those clothed in very little.

Theresa offered to give us a guided tour starting with the kitchen which leads into a conservatory where there are multiple sofas and a separate ‘play’ area with a cushioned bed and another little space behind the curtains dedicated to BDSM play.

A little dance floor (complete with pole) leads through to the most amazing heated outdoor pool (open from April to November) that sits inside a huge marquee. If you fancy some naked frolicking in a swimming pool – then that’s the place to do it!

There’s also a wet room complex with a 10 seater sauna, 6 seater hot tub (that was already full of some seriously steamy action!) and a massage area. Oh – and here are also some lockers which (for a small deposit) you can put all of your valuables and spare clothes in.

Then there’s also a chill out room where a big TV shows some porn films and next to that, there is another room that is VERY popular, but not necessarily one you’ll feel brave enough to visit on your first time. It’s the grope room; a small dark room that’s curtained off with a large cage in the middle, open one side. I’ll tell you about our first experience in that shortly!

Upstairs there are three large air-conditioned, themed and open playroom’s, a raunchy XXX rated cinema room and an orgy room with 4 double mattresses on the floor and a big shower room.

After our official tour, we also went to explore the grounds; little ‘summer houses’ are private playroom’s with lockable doors. There’s also a themed caravan aptly named Trailer Trash!

Inside, it’s easy to feel relaxed and to start to let your mind wander. You can look at people in a way that you would feel uncomfortable doing in normal life. You can admire them – for their brazen behaviour, for their uninhibited lust and for the way that they will chat with no holds barred.

So, when we went back upstairs, unaccompanied by our hosts, it was very exciting to find the room with the circular bed unattended where we could take a little time to ourselves.  I get really aroused by the thought of people watching us and so starting to fuck in a room where someone could come in at any moment turns me into a very naughty girl indeed!

In no time at all we were joined by three other couples. The girls stroked and kissed each other, the men played with their own partners – and watched us all.When you’re not on ‘the scene’ an orgy sounds like something from a film – it would never happen ‘in real life’! Well we’ve been in many an orgy – and they all happen very naturally. They are so exciting and in my experience, more often led by the women. Men tend not to interact with each other – just with the women. Sometimes there may be no sex at all – it’s all touching, stroking, massage and foreplay.

After some more play in there, we all agreed to head back downstairs for a glass of wine. But Brown and I never like to waste much time at a party! His favourite room is absolutely the darkest one – and at Secrets this is the grope room. Once you are through the curtains, this very small space is usually pretty full of people; the idea being that you let your fingers do the talking. The sounds are part of the pleasure; kissing, the soft squelch of sex and the the most incredibly erotic moans of delight.

Usually we arrive at 9pm and leave by about three – but many people will stay and play until dawn. We have been back to Secrets many times since – and never had a bad night. Not only that – but we have made some long lasting friends through our visits; some that we have met with privately and others that we see at other clubs and events. We have never yet bumped into anyone we know from the ‘vanilla world’- which is the world without swinging!

We’d highly recommend Secrets to anyone. It’s one of those places where you could just as easily enjoy watching people having sex, as actually taking part. In fact, you could just go for the drinks and buffet if you were so inclined! But I would guess that once you have been once, you’ll most certainly go back and not just for the watching. The people are friendly and caring and respectful. The hosts are sensible, fun and very conscious that all their guests enjoy their time.

If you want to find out more about swinging at Secrets or have any questions about the scene in general, then Brown and I are very happy to answer them. You can email us, or just leave us a comment below this article. We’re always very happy to share our experiences – and the lessons that we have learned along the way.


To find out more or to attend Secrets follow this link