Review of Bisexual Husband Erotica by F. F. Sexton

What a great pleasure it was to be asked to read and review F.F.Sexton’s latest Bisexual Husband Erotica, An Invitation. This story provides a long, detailed look at the bisexual feelings of the protagonist, which I found was different from comparable gay/bi literature. This is the bisexual initiation of a curious young man by a sensuous French couple. A nuanced, richly detailed take on a familiar threesome scenario, with themes of soft dominance and male bisexuality told with a sex-positive tone. A story for bisexual men and the men and women who love them.

He was an exchange student in France when older couple Marie and Pierre connected with him over music and wine. As the friendship developed, sensuous feelings emerged between the three of them. This is the story of what happened as they allowed the feelings to grow and explored various sensual scenarios together. Overcoming his reluctance towards male-male sensuality, he found deeper and lasting meaning to the adventure, beyond the bounds of the sexual ecstasy they shared on those nights. This is the story of one man’s awakening at the hands of a beautiful bisexual husband and his wife.

Wow – I loved this book! It was layered with sensuality, texture, light and shade – I felt emotionally invested in his experience as it unfolded. There is a ‘ring of truth’ to it which made it a very enjoyable read and made me hope the story was, indeed, a true one!

His ability to describe these incredibly intimate scenes enabled me to feel the temperature, bask in the candlelight, and join him in his erotic awakening. I almost wished it would continue from there….I imagine the three of them sleeping until dawn, and fuelled by French breakfast begin again…

The books ends on ‘To be continued’ and I would love to read a sequel if there is one. Here’s a little taster from the book. Let us know what you think! Here’s the link to An Invitation – get your hands on your own copy.


I know it’s an unusual question and I hope it doesn’t shock you. But I wonder…”, she paused, “…if you’ve ever made love with a man?” I was shocked. But quickly came to my senses as everything fell into place at once. Suddenly, I could more clearly see who Marie and Pierre were and now I saw the depth of the love and complicity they shared and where I fit in. They had seduced me, together.

“No,” I conceded. “I never felt attraction for a man. And, in truth, it never occurred to me that I could feel that way”. Feeling emboldened, I added, “until…”


Long pause.

“Until now, I suppose. I feel very comfortable with Pierre and you. I’ve never felt this way around a man. Or a woman. I mean, I’ve never felt this much sensuality around people. But then, I’ve never been this close to a couple, let alone a couple like yours. You two make me want to grow mature and sensual, just like you. Pierre is a fun and wonderful man”.

“Yes, he is”, she said with a knowing smile. “And he is a very good lover”, she added unequivocally.

This really excited me, somehow.

“He is bisexual, isn’t he?”

“We both are,” she said simply. “It’s a gift we share…”. She wrapped her arms around my neck and bent down to kiss me on the lips.