My Secret Sex Fantasy

They’re becoming a more and more popular staple with the likes of Channel 4 and 5. An intimate look into the sex lives of other total strangers. And we LOVE them!

My Secret Sex Fantasy on Channel 5 first hit our screens in 2017, with just three episodes. I suppose it’s hard to find people who want to talk openly to the nation about their sexual fantasies. I mean c’mon, I’m a Brazen writer and there’s still some stuff I don’t share with you and you’d never get me onto the TV either!

Don’t worry if you can’t travel back in time to catch the series, all three episodes are available on My5, bonus!

The basis of the program is that the participant sits in front of the camera and takes you through, in detail, their fantasy. We’re even treated to some short recreations in the form of cut aways. This program comes into its own when the team of experts analyse each participants fantasy. The team includes an erotic writer, sexual health GP, sex historian and a psychologist all experts in their own fields and the absolute perfect pick for this show. Their insights are fun, relaxed and very informative.

So what can you expect from the three raunchy episodes? I’d love to say that each of the fantasies are wild, exotic and unique but in reality the majority of the participants had quite ‘vanilla’ fantasties. I suppose that depends on your own take on what vanilla is. We’re guided through fantasies of feet, domination, strap-on-sex, voyeurism and some you might not ever have heard of!

In one episode Mark, who identifies as a straight man tells us his secret sex fantasy. The 29 year old admits that his fantasy is very different to how he’d normally have sex. His fantasy is to be fucked by a woman wearing a strap on that would be “quite an intimidating size… like 8 or 9 inches or so.”. Dr Anand Patel, the sexual health GP from the expert team, then explains that “a quarter of men have fantasies about giving oral sex to another man, whilst 20% fantasise about having full sex with another man.” The doctor then explains that in the study “only 10% rated themselves as gay or bisexual” that’s some food for thought right there isn’t it? Mark said he thought it was more taboo than the study suggested.

This is where the programme really stands out. It’s like Brazen in a way. It wasn’t created for the shock factor, it really was created to let everyone know they’re not weird, their fantasies are normal. No matter what that fantasy is! This is proven by another fantasy that is afforded the same respect, courtesy and open mindedness by the show and the experts as every other fantasy. It’s one person’s fantasy of necrophilia. You might be surprised to hear that in this fantasy the person wants to be the corpse. The experts give us their views on the fantasy and explain why a person might have a fantasy like this one.

So, if you’re looking for something to get your teeth into tonight you need to watch My Secret Sex Fantasy on My5. You really won’t be disappointed! Watch it with your partner and get talking about your deepest, darkest, kinkiest fantasies!