Eroticon UK and how it helped to shape Brazen

I am so delighted to be listed in’s #womencrushwednesday roundup of top attendees whose blogs make their ‘jaws (and pants!) drop!’. Thank you to all the team – some of whom we met at Eroticon itself. I have even created my own profile on the site – so I am looking forward to seeing where that takes me!

It’s reminded me that I meant to write my review of Eroticon – so now seems the most perfect moment as it really did help to form who we have become! I was so pleased this year that we were able to launch Brazen only a few days ahead of attending Eroticon 2018. It was really quite a stressful rush to get it done as we had a few things to sort out as well as a sudden crash of the website late one evening before we arrived.

However – everything was ‘all right on the night’ and as we walked into Camden, Brazen was up and running with content from our amazing writers already uploaded.

I’m not sure what I was expecting at Eroticon. I’d had the most brilliant recommendations from a previous attendee (FF Sexton) that I had contacted after reading his blog on last year’s event and so I knew that it was going to be good.

We were immediately greeted by friendly smiling faces – all keen to know what we did and what or who we were representing. I still hadn’t got used to telling people about Brazen face-to-face so it felt strange to be able to do so so freely.

Overall that’s probably the greatest impression that I had of Eroticon. You are so easily able to chat to people; everyone is open minded, uninhibited, sexually liberated. Nobody is judgemental and so it’s easy to ask questions without feeling stupid – and easy to chat freely without feeling embarrassed. Mind you, it makes going back into the ‘real world’ slightly trickier.

It was one of these open and honest conversations that led to the rejig of the whole of the Brazen website! I had a lovely chat to Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss – the Director of Operations at Eroticon UK about a number of things including Brazen. Despite liking the site, she had criticisms – and her criticisms of it were totally valid; it was too hetro-normal. I immediately saw what she meant. I had gone against everything that I proposed the site should be. How wonderful to be given such honest advice!

So I almost immediately changed the way it is structured – and excitingly I have also added erotica. Unfortunately me making those changes collapsed the site for a few days (!) but it’s all back to normal and the direct and organic traffic figures has astonished me in such a short time!

I’m particularly excited about the team of writers that we are building. Plus I have been contacted by bloggers that would all like to add their content to the website with links to their own pages. It’s really great as many of them want to write about their particular fetish and how it works for them – just the sort of thing that the readers are looking for. Plus, if they then become followers of that blogger then they get to learn even more.

FF Sexton (who by the way has just had his latest book published which we will be reviewing shortly) gave me some tips for Eroticon and they were spot on. I am very sure he won’t mind me sharing a few of them here:

  • Head in, have a drink, and talk to people! People are hands-down the best thing about the weekend.
  • Follow / be followed by people you meet (it’s definitely okay to ask for their Twitter handle). I am still following a bunch of people from there and it’s über nice to stay in touch with that community.
  • The event is super well organised and runs reasonably smoothly; food was great, with vegetarian/vegan options. They also give a goodie bag, usually with a notebook inside. Carry the notebook at all times! Friendly advice.
  • Definitely attend the Saturday night social.
  • Attending takes a weekend. All the learning & socialising takes energy. And unpacking all the good stuff you will learn / see / do / come in touch with takes a few weeks. Eroticon is the gift that keeps on giving.