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MUM’S THE WORD – Mother Launches New Website Which Supplies Info On Swinging, Domination And Bondage

A mum-of-two has launched a new website designed to broaden the public’s sexual experiences and includes advice on swinging, domination and rope bondage.

Bracken Jelier, a former TV journalist, set up the site Brazen to offers advice to those interested in a more erotic lifestyle.

She describes the site as an “unashamed guide to sexual discovery”, and features first hand accounts from sexual explorers.

Bracken, 41, runs the site from her home in Plymouth, Devon, and wants to help the British be less boring in the bedroom.

Current features on the website include a beginners guide to rope bondage, advice on open relationships and one entitled ’14 things you need to know about swinging’.

Bracken Jelier the mum-of-two behind the Brazen website for adults wanting to explore their sex lives.

Bracken said: “We all have fantasies, and sex is one of the things that makes us human.

“It’s not just for making babies but to express our love for someone or to fulfil a need – and we enjoy it.”

Bracken got the idea for Brazen when she attended a dinner party with other women aged from their 30s to 80s.

“They were chatting and got into a conversation about sex,” she said. “I realised every woman had a story to tell, an experience they wanted to talk about.

“It made me realise these women wanted to find out more, but without having to visit smutty websites.”

Bracken Jelier the mum-of-two behind the Brazen website for adults wanting to explore their sex lives.

And so Bracken started work on Brazen, describing the website as “an unblushing space to help you explore your desires safely and confidently”.

“It’s not smutty or embarrassing or salacious,” said Bracken. “And I’ve not had one negative reaction.

“People are fascinated and so many have contacted me personally to tell me they do this or that, and some turned out to be friends I had no idea did something. But they trust me.”

Running the business has brought Bracken into contact with all sorts of people, all manner of practitioners, and she has interviewed them and written about them.

“I’ve met interesting people, brave people, people living their fantasies out and enjoying it.

“There are elements that are misunderstood, but also certain aspects I have written about, or seen, which I would not take part in and advise others not to.

“But I’m like any journalist, I meet and talk to people about what they do.”

And what people do is often more commonplace than other people think.

“The swinging community is very big,” said Bracken. “We will all know people involved in it, but just don’t know it.

“In my personal opinion there is nothing wrong with it; I’ve witnessed loving couples that choose to do it, and admire each other for it.

“I’m open minded but would not necessarily make those choices for myself, but I believe in providing the opportunity for people to do it if they want to.”

The website is only a few weeks old and is already growing.

“The traffic to the website is interesting,” said Bracken. “It’s not just local, but national and international, people from Germany and the USA.”