Everything you need to know about being a Submissive Brat

I’m a submissive. There’s no doubt about it. I don’t switch. I love to submit myself to a dominant. If you’ve read my Brazen bio you’ll know that I’m a Submissive Brat!

In general terms, a Brat’s a sub who actively goes against the demands of their dominant(s) or is purposefully mischievous, impolite, rude and naughty to encourage harsher punishments.

One of the reasons I love being a Brat is that I’m almost in control of how much I’m punished. I love to wind up a Dom throughout the day, seeing them become more and more pissed off with me doesn’t just make me hot but let’s me know I’m in big trouble too; that doesn’t stop me though – it makes me more mischievous.

So eventually, it gets to the point where the Dom has had enough of a Brat’s crap, this is where things start getting interesting. Normally the Dom will want an apology, they won’t get one from a true Brat though, at least not right away. It’s important to understand that this isn’t the Brats punishment but rather the Dom getting the Brat to admit to what they’ve done through domination and apologise.

At this point the Brat can antagonise the Dom further by telling them things like “You don’t scare me!”, asking if “That’s all you’ve got?”, telling them they’ll never get an apology out of you and pretending not to know what you’ve done wrong, and even swearing at their dominant. This normally escalates the harshness of the Dom’s actions, which is exactly what a Brat is after.

When the Dom finally extracts an apology it’s taken as an admittance of guilt by the Brat. By this point the Brat has normally gone through quite a bit of domination and is quite likely tired, regardless this is when their punishment really begins. For me, I’ll only apologise to you when I truly can’t take any more tormenting meaning the coming punishment becomes exactly that.

Brats like me need a dominant who can bring us into submission. That not easy and requires a really powerful Dom. With my Brattiness, and most others too, if you’re not a strong dominant we will end up sat back on the sofa watching TV in no time flat, because I’ll get bored of how easy you are to manipulate, that you’re not really telling me off or you’re not recognising major Brattiness when it smacks you in the face. And yeah, that really really really annoys us! You’d be getting the silent treatment from me… and that’s not me being a Brat it’s me being left majorly unsatisfied!

Brats do need dominating more than other submissive types. We crave punishment which is why we act up. Brats normally match well with dominant types like owners, RP (role play), and sadists, basically any dominant who takes a strong authoritarian role.

As you can tell from the article, Brats are demanding subs! This is why some dominants hate the idea of having a Brat. I’ve been told before by a dominant friend that I’m not really a submissive because he believes Brats are just trying to be in control. The truth is Brats are not trying to be in control but are wanting their Dom to take more control with every naughty comment or even eye roll.

Don’t want me to roll my eyes at you? Blindfold me. Tired of my backchat? Tape my mouth. I keep grabbing your wrist? Cuff me. Still acting out after all that? Dominate me into submission. If you don’t, you’re not doing it right.

What can you expect from a Brat? The unexpected! I’ve heard a lot of people describe Brattiness as ‘creative disobedience’ and I actually quite like that. My personal favourite thing to do is to look for loopholes in demands I’m given. Ask me to get you a really cold glass of water, you’ll get a glass of ice-cubes. Tell me to go upstairs and wait, I’ll go to the wrong room. I’ll put glitter in your crop so when you use it glitter flies everywhere, this’ll be followed by my cheekily saying “All you need is, faith, trust and a little pixie-dust!”. As a Dom to a Brat you’ll need a bit of a sense of humour and to be on your toes ready for anything.

A Brat isn’t going to sit still while you put cuffs on or tie ‘pretty’ intricate bondage, or leave a blindfold on if we’re not cuffed (even if we are we’ll get it off). If you’re the wrong type of dominant you will get truly pissed off with a Brat like me. But the truth is, we’re great submissives, you’ve just got to put a lot of work in as a Dom to get that treat. Once you actually manage to tame a Brat we will lose the attitude, we will call you master/mistress as you request, we will comply with all demands from dominants, we will apologise, and we will behave.

Now, although my preference is to be a Bratty sub, it doesn’t override the desire and need to please any dominant. I’ve played a few kinds of sub, some I’ve enjoyed and some I didn’t. For me though, that’s the whole point. Some dominants don’t want you to enjoy the experience, it’s what gets them off. Others want you to be in totally agonising ecstasy by the time they’re finished with you. Whatever they want, it’s my sole job as a submissive to please them.

I’m a submissive first and a Brat second.

Submissiveness for me isn’t a playtime only activity, it’s who I am. The act of being unable to stop the actions of your dominants even if it’s not enjoyable, in some ways, is pleasurable as I know I’m being a good sub and pleasing my dominants. That’s why I decided some time ago to not have a safeword. This allows me to fully submit to the unique desires, demands and will of different dominants meaning they’ll get the pleasure they want without boundaries. To be a true submissive. Obviously I’m not going to let someone cause me lasting injuries and as I said, submission isn’t playtime for me; you should always have a safeword.

What kind of sub are you, think you’re a Brat? Do you think you could handle a Bratty sub or would you avoid us at all costs like some Doms?