Beginners Guide to Foot Fetishism: 8 things that turn us on!

It’s the second most common fetish, a few well known celebrities are known to have it and even royalty has been papped indulging in it! If you haven’t already guessed it’s foot fetishism! I have a foot fetish myself and have done since I can remember.

Now I’m a writer for Brazen so you might expect a kink or two, but this is one thing that still makes me blush. It took me a while before I told my current partner but I’m very pleased to say she’s totally down with it – score!

For some people the thought of their partner having a foot fetish can be a deal breaker. I’ve only ever come across this once with a (now ex) boyfriend; he’s since told me that he didn’t know much about it and it “sounded weird”. So I’ve written this crack guide, if your partner’s got a ‘thang for them tootsies’ you’ll know what’s coming your way and how to make your OH very happy indeed!

So let’s cover the big issue; the one thing every foot fetishest has heard…“but feet are gross!”. There’s not much we can say to that, yep, feet get smelly, we use them to walk and all the rest of it. That’s all true, but to us they’re beautiful. Don’t ask us why we think that because it’s fair to say very few foot fetishests really know why they like feet, we just know that we do. After all – love is in the eye of the beholder, right?

There’s no rules with a foot fetish, each person will like their own things and there’s more to explore than you’d probably think! So shall we make our way through this crack guide to a foot fetish? After all as Quagmire, the hypersexual neighbour to the Griffins, says “Everybody likes feet.”


For some it’s the shoes that are a turn on. Heels, flats, trainers, loafers, sandals, waders, uggs, flip flops, name a type of shoe – it turns someone on. A shoe fetish can take many forms too, some people will enjoy getting a noseful of an old Converse whilst others will like how a stiletto shapes the arch. Personally anything that shows those toes is okay in my book!

Socks & Stockings

Socks and stockings come in all shapes and sizes, probably the most commonly fetishised are knee length and ankle socks. For many they like to see the socks being worn, some like to smell worn socks, even whilst still on the feet. Don’t go throwing away your holey socks either, after all they provide a window to the soul (‘scuse the pun).


For me though, it’s 100% about the bare feet! My OH loves it, she’s been open to it from the moment I told her. Especially once she realised there’d be foot rubs anytime she wants, day or night! What makes a sexy foot is different for everyone, after all there’s so many! I think you’d find agreement across the community that a nice arch and cute toes are what most look for.

What’s involved?

If you’re reading this because you’ve just found out your OH has a foot fetish, the best person to ask would be them! They might go a little red in the face (I know I did)! Maybe you want to surprise them, or you just want to learn more about what you’ve got yourself into? Let’s dive deeper into the kinky part!


Footsies are a great way to get the evening moving in the right direction! Picture the scene, it’s date night, you’re out with the OH having a romantic meal (staying clear of the garlic and onions), you slip your shoe off and stroke the OH’s leg. There’s still room for some foot fun! Footsies definitely aren’t the sole (I’m so sorry, promise no more puns) preserve of the foot fetish community, it’s likely you’ve done it before. You don’t need to take your shoes off, but if you’re feeling confident enough for it, your OH sure will appreciate it!

Foot Worship

Foot whatnow? Foot worship. Your OH might not call it that but that’s the generally used term for when someone kisses, licks or sucks your feet and pretty lil’ toes. If you’ve never had this done before, you’re in for a treat! Having your feet licked feels awesome; what feels even better is getting the tootsies seen to. After all the feet and toes are one of many erogenous zones.

Don’t believe me? Ask Rachel…

Although Monica’s favourite zone was always number 7, 7, 7, 7, SEVEN!


Not forgetting sockjobs, solejobs and toejobs! In reality there’s not much difference between them. Some of us prefer one over the other, some like all four combined into a single super-kink!

We spoke about the footsies before, when you’ve got an OH with a foot fetish, you’d be surprised how easily footsies can turn into footjobs! A footjob doesn’t need to be ‘skin-on-skin’ – rub your feet on your OHs sexy bits for the ultimate tease and you’ll be well on your way to the bedroom in no-time flat!

Take a footjob all the way to give your OH exactly what they’re after and they’ll be under power all night long!

One friend, a fellow Brazeneer, recently told me that her OH had been rubbing her feet in bed in a non-foot-fetish kind of way and before long – and potentially accidentally – had started to use her feet on himself. She said she was a bit taken aback at first – but when she realised how much it was turning him on – it worked in the same way for her.

See – don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Ask the OH

There’s plenty I’ve not spoken about in this article. There’s things like getting messy feet, being barefoot outdoors, tickling, foot domination, and whatever you can imagine. Your OH will have their own preferences and may want to explore their fetish if they’ve not had the chance to before so it’s best to ask them.

Got a foot fetish? Know someone who does? Want to ask a question you can’t ask anywhere else? Or just to share your own experiences? Let us know, join the discussion below or on social media.