Are you from one of the UK’s most body confident zones?

Women from NEWCASTLE are the most body confident in the UK so we have been told today!

A nationwide survey of British females has found ladies from the North East city are the LEAST likely to have hang ups about their bodies, saying they are happy to keep the lights on in the bedroom and sport a bikini on the beach without worrying about imperfections.

In fact, the study of 2,000 women found 60 percent of ladies from Newcastle (the highest number of women by UK city) claim they are more than happy and confident in the way they look and feel, while a further eight in ten (81 percent) said ‘you don’t have to look perfect to feel sexy’.

According to the study, over half of women from Brighton also ooze body confidence, followed by girls from Sheffield, Cambridge and Oxford.

However, according to the study the average woman suffers from SIX body hang-ups, with the stomach being named as the area women were least happy with (58 percent).

Over half (51 percent) said their weight was their main worry but stretch marks, varicose veins, acne and wide hips were also of concern, as were fat thighs, facial hair, being too pale and sun spots.

Of the females polled 13 percent moaned that their boobs were too big, 12 percent grumbled about their boobs being too small and 19 percent were embarrassed by their crooked teeth.

But a modern 23 percent said they are more than comfortable to sport some leg or underarm hair, while a quarter think nothing of stripping off in front of a changing room full of strangers.

The research by Veet hair removal, showed as a nation, only a quarter (26 percent) of women are truly happy with their body, while a mere quarter also said they would happily saunter down a beach with no sarong to cover-up their wobbly or hairy bits.

And when it comes to intimacy, under half (42 percent) of the females studied said they would be happy to get intimate with their partner with the lights on – the majority (58 percent) would not and prefer to be shrouded in darkness.

Marian Gual, Category Manager Personal Care from Veet commented, “Whilst it’s great to see that those in Newcastle, Brighton and Sheffield are comfortable in their own skin, we feel that there is always room for improvement and want to help women across the UK take ownership and pride in their bodies.

Overall, being happy was what women said was most important to them (54 percent), followed by being healthy (41 percent), while only one in twenty (5 percent) said looking good was the most important thing to them.

The study found two-thirds (66 percent) of respondents said you are more likely to love your body if your partner constantly tells you how gorgeous you are.

And a third felt you gain MORE body confidence the older you get.


1. Newcastle (60 percent)
2. Brighton (57 percent)
3. Sheffield (56 percent)
4. Cambridge (55 percent)
5. Oxford (55 percent)
6. Norwich (54 percent)
7. Leeds (54 percent)
8. Leicester (53 percent)
9. Cardiff (51 percent)
10. Birmingham (47 percent)