Through Domination I will Love You

The light through the old windows cast shadows on the floorboards and across the old Persian rug. The dust particles danced in the orange evening light and the smell of old books and beeswax penetrated from the boxes and furniture stacked up against the wall.

The old rug was small comfort for his bare knees and the evening sunshine fell across his pale skin. She watched his goosebumps push the blonde hairs upon his arms up and down like Mexican waves as she stroked the old peacock feather across his naked torso. His arms were tied behind his back and his dark protruding nipples hardened and she smiled. But all the time he just looked up, deep into her eyes.

She hadn’t thought it would come naturally, but the look on his face as he knelt before her started a flame inside her that grew and grew. His need to please and her need to dominate was spreading like a gorse fire – this was the swathing of her sexuality and, despite all signs to the contrary, it was out of control.

Her fingertips wound into his curly hair, softly at first, then tighter. She pulled his head back and heard a sharp intake of breath and then a moan. “Stand up” she said, her voice deep and thick with lust. He rose up and gradually she released his hair.

Now standing above her, his presence should have dominated this coupling, but she held all the cards as she slipped a black mask over his beautiful brown eyes. His taught young body quivered as she ran her long nails across his hairless chest. A small nervous giggle escaped his lips and then his body froze; “Do you think this is funny boy?”, she whispered. “No Miss.” he replied.

She turned her back on him and left the room.

Once on the other side she breathed a sigh and smiled. It was coming naturally to her and not only that, she was loving every second. That big, ambitious man had submitted to her and now he would please her as she decreed. “I’m sorry…” he called from inside the little attic room. She waited a few seconds more, grabbed the bottle of lube she had left outside, and pushed the latch to re-enter the room; confident and in control.

Her heels echoed on the wooden boards as she crossed to the window and the little chair. She picked it up – and then she stopped; better to tease him with the sound. She tipped it onto its back legs and slowly dragged the chair across the boards until it reached the rug.

His head tipped to listen, his body still quivering. The sun had shifted now and he stood half in shadow; the eclipse of his torso defining the curves that led her eyes down to the promising shape of his excitement straining against the towel around his waist.

The little chair was behind him now and she tapped it against the back of his legs and he sat. She looked at him, still in the dark of the satin blindfold, his eyebrows raised above it in expectation. Standing in front of him she considered her next move and bent to opened up the towel. His cock sprung up to meet her and this time a little sound escaped her. He heard it too and a small smile played across the corners of his lips. Too soon to have that pleasure, she thought, tempting though it may be. Instead she pulled his knees together and putting her legs either side of his, sat upon his lap. Automatically he made a small movement to push himself closer to her but she tutted and he stopped.
I can tease him, she thought.
I can use him, she realised.

Reaching her hand down she took his solid cock and tilted her pelvis as if to pull him in. His chin lifted and he took a deep delicious breath of expectation as she rubbed the end of him against her satin underwear; a few taps, then a small rub, and then a push against the opening..…then she stopped and moved a little further away. This time he whined – the whine of a child that has been told he cannot eat the sweets he holds.

God, she thought, it would be so easy to have him now. So easy to pull him into me and fuck him on this chair. With that thought a little rush and squeeze inside her – she was wet. She rubbed her own fingers inside her underwear and then ran her finger tips across his lips. “Taste me”, she said as she pushed her fingers into his mouth. His tongue wound around her finger and he moaned.

She loved the feeling of his worship; the way that he was unable to see her and yet she felt adored by his black blank gaze. She reached behind herself and unclipped her own bra – and once again as she slipped above his lap, she pushed her nipple into his mouth, ignoring the little sounds of pleasure as they emanated from his throat. “Do you like it?” she said to him, he nodded and squeezed her nipple between his tongue and teeth. “Do you want me?”, he nodded frantically once again. “You’ll have to wait” she said and she pulled her nipple roughly from his mouth.

The lust rose again within her and she put her hand on the back of his head again. “Kneel” she said. This time she pulled him with his hair towards her as he slipped off the wooden chair. His blindfold slid from his head as she opened up her legs to let him in.

He found her expertly with his urgent tongue, so much so that she threw back her head like a wolf howling at the moon. There were no rules for her – just him – there was no need to hold back and she flooded his face. He gulped and laughed and this time she allowed it, but he didn’t stop. The intense pleasure became too much and she tugged at his hair once again, pulling him to his feet. His mouth and face was wet with her and she kissed him. She had decided before that kissing was against the rules – but it seemed too good a chance to miss. His tongue tasted of sex and it turned her on even more.

“Please,” he said. “Please, I want you – I want you now so much.”

She looked into his face. Those eyes, that face that was usually full of smiles and cheek, was suddenly so serious – earnest. She could give in now – and love him; let him love her back. But that wasn’t who she was anymore. She had to be mean. She had to keep him submissive, this wasn’t a game, this was how they had agreed it would be.

“Stop telling me what you want my boy. You’re here for my pleasure only…sit down! He sat down upon the chair with fire in his eyes. She retrieved the blindfold from the floor and kissed him as she put him in the dark again.

This time it was her that dropped to her knees on the Persian rug. She wanted him to experience the expertise of her touch, so taking his cock between her hands she ran her tongue over his wet head. He gasped and she plunged it deeper into her mouth. With a deep guttural moan he became harder still and swelled in her mouth. “No!” she said sternly to him – although she found it hard to keep from smiling. “You’re not allowed to cum until I say you can.”

She shifted her weight back and reached across to the lube placed beside her. His head stilled as he heard the change, the pump of it into her palm. His cock twitched, unattended, and so she brought herself closer once again, reaching to spread the cold liquid onto his hot skin. He exhaled, and then inhaled again. His cock was sensitive and so she teased him by holding just the end, making the tiniest of movements – and then suddenly she would do harder, stronger strokes. He shifted in his seat and so she traced circles around the head, slowly at first and then speeding up. Again he started to moan, but louder this time. Then she slid her fingers to the bottom of his cock, encircling him and squeezing him until he was as hard as rock. Then again, she rubbed her thumb over the end of him and he cried out.

She repeated the same touches, with varying speeds and predictability. Each time he moaned louder, and louder. She made a note that next time she would have to gag him, but she didn’t want to stop. As her long strokes became longer she felt his urgent need to cum but every time, she stopped short of it – and laughed at his reaction. At this point his blindfold had slipped; his eyes viewed her over the mask as it rested over his nose. His eyes were begging her to stop, but his will refused to back down. Pleasure, pain, pleasure, pain.

She was enjoying playing mistress – but now she wanted more. It was her time for pleasure and she planned her next move. She liked him tied to the chair, under her control, but now she wanted him. She wanted him to have her and she needed him to be whole and strong.

Releasing him she stood once again and walked behind him. Running her arm around his neck (more headlock than embrace) she asked him to be good. “Of course” he said without conviction. “You can have me now” she said, “If you’re good.”

“I’ll be good Miss” he said, “I’ll be the best you’ve ever had”. With that she undid the knot around his wrists and he rubbed them as he stood. She walked around the chair to face him and he made his move. Wrapping his arm around her waist he moved her to the floor in front of him and lay her down. Pulling of the satin underwear that remained, he began to trace her body with his tongue. He followed down her curves, passing by her nipples as he glanced up and caught her eye. Her back arched and he gave her what she wanted, softly biting her nipple with his teeth, she moaned and he slid his fingers down. Again she arched her back and moaned, and as she did so he heard her cum again and he pushed his fingers deep inside her, leaving his thumb to press against her clit.

“I want you” she said, “Fuck me now!” His face broke into a cheeky grin. “YOU want ME?” he said. “YOU….want ME? I could make you wait” he laughed. But as he did, he knelt above her, his hard cock desperate to be inside. “Now!” she moaned, “now!”.

With his arm under her shoulders and his lips pressed against hers, he pushed inside her. He was so hot and ready and she was so wet and wanting of him. He began to move inside her and her body responded fast. He could feel her as she tightened around his cock, pushing her hips up towards him as her breathing became shorter and sharper. He was so ready, he was so close. He knew he couldn’t cum until she said and so he did his best to wait, hovering on the knife-edge of the pleasure-pain. “Oh God!” she said as she wrapped her legs around his body, pulling him even deeper still. “I’m going to cum!” she said, and he groaned out loud. “Can I cum Miss?” He said beneath his breath. “Cum!” she ordered as her body shook beneath him. Hard and high they climaxed together, her crying out with her head thrown back, and him, head in her neck and his body tight against hers – at one.

Together they stayed there on the Persian rug. The sun had gone and the room grew dark but they lay there still. Her head was on his arm and her leg flung across his thigh. He stroked her hair and she ran his fingers up and down his body. She looked up into his adoring face and her heart gave a squeeze. She kissed him and he kissed her back….his tongue played around the side of her lips and she responded.