My Grindr Night with Sir


Heart pounding in my chest I knocked on the door. Every part of me wanted to turn and run, get back in the lift and out of that apartment block. I couldn’t, I’d already gone this far, for once I needed to see something through.

I heard the key turning in the door, I felt my palms start to sweat. Thoughts flew through my head, was I making a mistake? Was I really cut out for this? Fears, doubts, and a touch of excitement kept me planted to the spot. As the door opened I stood there, totally still, waiting to see who was behind it. I’d met him on Grindr and he’d sent me pictures, but you could never really be sure.

This wasn’t the first time I’d used the app but it was the first time I’d ever ‘hooked-up’ with someone from it. We’d been talking for a few weeks now. At first just getting to know each other. More recently our relationship had developed and his role was firmly set as the dominant. He’d demand pictures from me, tell me his plans for me, dominate me. Something was different with him, the notification ping of his messages made me excited, gave me butterflies. I enjoyed talking with him and, from the pictures I’d seen, he was hot too!

As the door swung open my eyes met with his. I stood silently looking into those deep brown eyes. They seemed to captivate me. I felt the same butterflies I got from his messages. I knew I had to give myself to this man. Happily the man at the door was the man I’d seen in the pictures. I thought he looked hotter in person though. His hair was perfectly styled, styled stubble accentuated his rugged jaw, dressed smartly in a tailored shirt with his sleeves rolled up past his elbows showing his strong toned forearm. The top few buttons undone allowing a teasing glimpse at his chest, he wore his shirt tucked into his, just as perfectly tailored, suit trousers.

I felt weak, my lips were dry, I couldn’t stop looking at his amazing body. No man had ever made me feel like this just from meeting them. I brought my eyes back to meet his, as he looked back at me with one hand still on the door he spoke. “Luke?” I nodded and realised I’d been blatantly checking him out and biting my lip. I felt my face heat up as I blushed, totally mortified! He chuckled and gestured for me to come into his flat. As I walked past him I could smell his cologne, it was subtle with deep tones and still luxurious, I’d never smelt it before. Could it have been tailor made too?

“So Luke, can I get you a drink? Tea, coffee – or perhaps something stronger?” he asked with a smile, I shook my head. Now standing in the middle of his living room. A large room that was open plan into the kitchen and out onto the balcony overlooking the city. Being in the home of a relative stranger I felt nervous, I tried to subtly dry my sweaty palms on the sleeves of my hoodie. He’d told me what to exactly what to wear and given me money to make sure I got it right. He’d told me to wear a pair of white and red Nike Air Evos, black Levis that stacked around my ankles. Then under my red Obey hoodie I wore a baggy white t-shirt. I have to say he had a good eye, I looked awesome and I felt it too.

I looked around the apartment at the little bits that made his place his, like the pictures of him and other people who I didn’t even know. They felt empty to me like the pictures that come with frames when you buy them, I suppose to him they had meaning, it probably felt like home. The room was a bit messy, magazines, coffee mugs and some take-out boxes lay around. I caught my reflection in the mirror, looking back at myself wearing the outfit he’d picked specially for me. I smiled back at my reflection hoping I was pulling it off just like he wanted.

He told me to take a seat whilst he made a drink for himself. Now I’d tried to sit back and get comfy but I just felt self conscious, like I was posing for him. So, typically for me, I sat awkwardly on the edge of the seat. I’d always been hopelessly awkward on first dates and it looked like things weren’t going to change just for that night. Although this wasn’t really a date. It’d be difficult to put a label on it, but if I had to it’d probably be more of a hook-up. My palms wouldn’t stop sweating, I still hadn’t said a word, I was sat so awkwardly it looked like I’d never sat down before. He must think I’m a mess! Calm down Luke, just breathe, I reminded myself rubbing my palms into my knees in an attempt to dry them off.

He came over and sat next to me leaving some space between us.The scent of his cologne filled the space. We spoke for a while, chatted about news, weather, you know default British small talk. Slowly I became more comfortable in his company, I even sat back putting my arm over the back of the sofa. He copied me and started running his fingers through mine. For a second I worried about my sweaty palms but they’d gone now. I looked from our hands to him, he was already looking at me. His steely gaze caught me, captivated me. All at once every hair on my body pricked up as a single shiver zapped through my body. This was it. The start. This was really happening.

Running his fingers up my forearm he moved closer to me. Still fixed to his gaze he moved his other hand to my neck. Stroking my neck his fingers slowly danced around to the back of my head, sending wave after wave of tingles through my neck and down my back. Eyes shut I forgot where I was, the sounds of the city faded. All I knew, all there was was us. He ran them through my hair playfully grabbing a handful he started to kiss me. As his lips touched mine a new sensation passed through me, every part of me went weak, my thoughts became more submissive. I was totally under his power and he knew it.

His rough stubble scratched me as we kissed. He snuck his hand under my hoodie and t-shirt to feel my body. His gentle touch on my skin gave me goosebumps that followed his warm fingers. I twitched as his sharp nails darted up my sides, tickling in spots for just a second. He started to take my hoodie and tshirt off together, I raised my arms as he pulled it off me. “Wasting no time, l like it.” I thought as my body became bare and vulnerable to him. I could feel my heart beating faster in my chest. I looked at him nervously waiting for his approval. He dropped my clothes on the floor and looked at my naked torso, he didn’t smile, he didn’t frown, he just looked. I didn’t move or make a sound. I sat obediently waiting for him to finish his inspection. I couldn’t read him at all, finally he spoke.

“Nice.” He stroked my chest swirling a finger around my hard nipple, as he looked continued to look over my body, inspecting me. “You ready to take this further?” I nodded even though I wasn’t really sure. I made myself do it. “You already know what I want Ben.” I said putting my hand on his thigh and leaning in for another kiss. As we kissed I started to undo his shirt. Button by button I revealed more and more of his sexy, muscular body. I indulged in it, caressing every smooth curve in his abs, feeling his toned muscles in his back, I greedily felt at his godlike body. Knowing my role I began working my hands slowly down his gorgeously sculpted body and began rubbing his solid cock through his trousers. I’d made my first move, and I loved it.

Wanting more I looked at him seductively as I moved closer. I started to kiss his perfect pecs, around his nipples, up to his neck, exploring – worshiping every inch of him with my lips as I continued to rub his dick. He held my wrist tightly, pulling me further down. For the first time I’d felt his strength. I didn’t come close to matching him which was perfect. I wanted to be owned, to be taught a lesson, with strength like his I knew I’d found the right guy. I skilfully unbuckled his belt, unzipped his trousers and rubbed my hand over his boxers feeling his cock get even harder. I wanted it so badly, feeling him get hard for me was amazing, I felt special. I felt wanted.

I slowly slipped myself off the sofa to my knees, where he’d told me I belong in our past chats, as I kissed down to his waist. I looked up at him again, wanting and waiting for him to give his permission. He made me wait, enjoying even this small power over his subordinate. Ben nodded at me, eagerly I ripped his boxers down. Taking his dick in my hand I felt him get wet as I stroked him with my hand loose. With my hands on his thighs I leaned in and began to give him head. As his cock slipped between my lips I felt him grow more. He moaned slightly as he ran his hand through my hair. Clenching a handful of my hair he pulled my head forward and back taking control of his blowjob, of me.

I edged my hands further up his thighs before using my nails to draw circles on his balls. His grip tightened. His breathing quickened. His body tensed. He pulled my head back and came on my face. He groaned as he came, wanking himself fast and hard, looking down on me. I felt his warm cum roll down my face, it was like nothing I’d experienced before. Humiliation and shame waved over me as I knelt looking at the floor in front of his dripping cock. I didn’t know it until that moment, but that’s exactly how I wanted to feel as a submissive. Those feelings of humiliation and shame put me squarely in my place, made me feel like the submissive I’d always felt like, the submissive I’d always dreamt of being.

The facial had taken me by surprise, I’d instinctively pulled back but his tight grip on my hair kept me exactly where he wanted me. When he finished I opened my eyes and looked up from the floor hoping I’d made him happy. He looked back down on me, smiling as he inspected his work, I felt he was happier with himself than me, but the fact he was happy meant I was doing a good job. I lifted my hand to wipe some of his cum away. He grabbed my wrist and snapped at me “No!”. I tried to pull my arm out of his hand but he tightened his grip and pulled my arm up behind my head “Now clean it boy.”. I loved how strong he was, I was constantly giving resistance to his arm lock, almost pretending to fight against him, but he was too strong for me to fight against so I complied with his demand and cleaned his cock sucking off any cum left behind.

Pulling me to my feet he demanded I strip naked for him. As I stepped out of my trainers and pants I could feel him staring at me intently. Stood close to me I could see his dick, still hard, wanting more from me. “Mmm, good boy.” he spanked me and without another word he walked to the bedroom, I followed dutifully.

His bedroom was large, a deep pile carpet was warm compared to the coldness of the wood flooring in his living room. A large bed against the back wall hadn’t been made, the covers left crumpled in piles spilled onto the floor. I looked through the massive windows, over the city. I used to look up at these apartments wondering what they were like inside, how the other half lived. And now here I was, standing naked in the bedroom of one of them. Is this really how I was going to get this lifestyle? For a second I doubted my intentions, a sharp spank brought my attention back to him.

Now also naked, Ben grabbed both of my wrists and pulled close to him. I swallowed nervously as he stood face to face with me, his eyes burning into me with an angry passion. He pushed me away from him towards the bed before shoving me onto it. Quickly following me he grabbed my waist and pulled my ass into the air. With his power, his strength, it was effortless for him. I rested my head on my arms waiting for him to fuck me, every ounce of me wanting him to fuck me. He spanked me a few more times, each harder than the last making me moan louder with every strike. Soon I felt him move closer, he paused for a second, I couldn’t see him but I could hear him lubing his dick. Without warning I felt the head of his cock on my ass before he thrust his hard dick deep inside me scratching my back as he did. I muffled my own loud moan with my arm as he stroked his hands over my ass and back whilst not moving, totally still, his dick in me, he considered what to do.

At first Ben went slow, carefully and delicately making love to me. As I relaxed I started to moan more, moving my hips in time with him. His hands still holding my hips strongly, fingers digging in, he was in total control. I could feel his strong muscular thighs against mine. My cock was hard, reaching a hand down I started stroking myself. “That’s right boy, I want you to make yourself cum.” Snatching a handful of my hair he pulled my head back and started fucking me harder, deeper, faster. I couldn’t take it. It was too much. I wasn’t ready for this. I tried to crawl forward, to get away from the rough fucking, but he held me in place with my hair, pulling me back by my waist if I even made it an inch away from him. He could tell I couldn’t handle it “Keep going boy. You better cum before I do.” he said between breaths. He kept fucking me relentlessly, hard. I stroked my cock completely overwhelmed with sensations I’d never felt before finally my body tensed, he scratched my back knowing what was about to happen, and I moaned as we both came together. For a moment we were still, his cock still inside me, quiet and filled with an amazing post sex glow the room fell silent.

Ben lay down next to me and put his strong arms around me. I snuggled into him feeling safe. We looked into each other’s eyes, smiling as we lay kissing and cuddling together for a while. I didn’t want it to end, I wanted to keep this moment forever. I wanted so much for this to be more than just a hook-up, I wanted this to mean something. I lay in his strong arms dreaming of the next time I’d give myself to him.

“So Luke, will I see you again?” He asked as if reading my mind. Overwhelmed with joy I kissed him passionately “Does that answer your question Sir?” Ben smiled at me. This was more than a hook-up, this meant something. For once I didn’t worry about what it meant, I didn’t feel awkward or nervous, I just basked in the buzz and happiness that we were both feeling. I let it envelop me completely, feeling calm and restful I drifted off to sleep safe in Ben’s arms.