You say LubriCANT I say LubriCAN! A guide to using and buying Lube!

Sex is awesome, we can all agree on that, but when there’s friction in your relationship sex isn’t always great especially when that friction’s during sex! You can help make things go a little more, uh, smoothly though… A bit of a generalisation but I’m sure you’ve heard of lube. You’ll see that word quite […]

Review of Bisexual Husband Erotica by F. F. Sexton

What a great pleasure it was to be asked to read and review F.F.Sexton’s latest Bisexual Husband Erotica, An Invitation. This story provides a long, detailed look at the bisexual feelings of the protagonist, which I found was different from comparable gay/bi literature. This is the bisexual initiation of a curious young man by a sensuous […]